Iain Simpson

Some stuff that probably isn't very important.


Everyone has something that they like to do to unwind; it's an escape from the responsibilities and burdens of everyday life, a hobby, entertainment. It could be football, a TV show, video games, running, cycling, knitting, horse racing, drinking, drugs, whatever.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a bit of escapism, a break from reality. If your escape becomes your reality, you're at risk of losing sight of what's genuinely important.

Do you remember the footballer convicted of raping a girl in a hotel room? Supporters of the team he played for leapt to his defence when the allegations become public. They were insistent that he couldn't be guilty, and some went on to illegally name his accuser. I don't believe that these people knew the man personally, such that they could vouch for his character, or that they were with him on the night, and could account for his actions. They were worried about the football team. The man being accused (and subsequently convicted) of rape damaged their team. They blamed the victim.

There's also the man that apparently punched his colleague in an argument about hot food. The TV show they both worked on was pulled while their employer investigated the incident, and the man's contract subsequently wasn't renewed. Fans of the TV show were livid - the show might never return. They blamed the victim.

When a popular figure is accused of wrongdoing, there's usually an uninformed mob ready to blame the victim. If only they'd kept their mouth shut, or not done whatever it was they did that led to the abuse.

Lives ruined for the sake of entertainment. Perspective lost.

If your football team falls apart when one man leaves, perhaps they weren't very good to start with. If your TV show can't continue without one man, perhaps it's time to let it go.

The only people to blame are those doing wrong, not the people who report or suffer it.

Nothing you do for entertainment is worth ruining lives over.

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